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mom/dad tattoos. [Mar. 2nd, 2007|03:06 am]
i have a very vague idea for my next tattoo. i want to get mom and dad-related pieces, but i'm not sure what exactly i want in the design. so, how did you guys come up with your mom & dad tattoos? what type of things about them did you take into consideration? i know i've seen ones that have things having to do with the mom/dad's job, but what else did you think about when you were trying to design yours? i'm not out to steal ideas, just start thinking about what i could put into the tattoos that relate to/remind me of them =] luckily, i probably won't get it until sometime during the summer after my 17th birthday (if i'm even sure enough of the designs by then), so i have awhile to think about it, haha.
thanks for any help you guys could offer.
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2005|07:10 pm]
Hey. Umm.. I was searching through other LJ Communities about Lip Piercings and labrets.. Basically I was trying to find any tips or pointers towards keeping my piercing clean..
I've had the piercing since August 9th, so it's pretty new..

One thing I am curious about though.. Is it natural, or is there supposed to be a small bump/lump like area around the piercing on the inside of the lip? It's not tender to touch unless pressure is put on it.. Some of the skin is also white and not it's usual pinky colour.

Heh.. Thanks for helping, and sorry if it sounds confusing. =)
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Help~ [Jun. 25th, 2005|10:26 am]

tongue ringI really need some help here. I just got a job as a consultant and since I deal with corporate clients, I MUST hide my barbell. To me this looks like a 10g but I need to find out. I am in desperate need of a clear barbell or "hider" that doesn't use an "o" ring to keep it in. I cannot eat with the retainer that I have now and it actually is a bit painful. Changing it nearly 3-5 times a day is irritating my mouth. I MUST find something that cannot be seen under normal speaking circumstances yet I can eat with it. Please help?
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Let your opinion be known... [Apr. 7th, 2005|11:32 am]

[mood |cheerfulHelpful.]

Well, xvoltronx ASKED if we could all agree on it - I'm just making sure his request for consideration is viewed in the appropriate forums...  

Xvoltronx thinks that if you're a female and you have a tattoo, you're a stupid bitch. 

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Illinois Petition to make 18 the legal age for tattoos [Mar. 9th, 2005|12:55 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

As some of you know the current legal age to get a tattoo in Illinois is 21, but there is a bill in the Senate(it passed the house a couple weeks ago) that would lower the age to 18.
For the bill to he heard in the Senate it needs a Senator to sponsor it.
A Chicago Tattoo artist set up this petition to make 18 the legal age for tattoos in the State of Illinois. PLEASE sign this petition so that Senator Cullerton can see that there are many supporters for the legalization of tattoos for 18 year olds.

If an 18 year old is able to live on their own, have an abortion, be legally responsible for themselves, die for their country and vote for who runs their country, they should have the legal right to decide whether or not they want to be tattooed.


If this post isn't allowed, I'll remove it.
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John [Aug. 7th, 2004|05:57 pm]



This is my friend John who I think is hot. He obviously really likes these sunglasses. If you live up near Syracuse, New York, and are thinking about a piercing or scarification or henna work, go check him out at Scarab Body Arts.

Tell him Tek sent ya. Then tell him to wear the glasses and sing "With or Without You".

Please comment if you think he is hot too... Embarrassing the hell out of him will be fun.
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Nope... Life isn't fair! [Jul. 15th, 2004|10:17 pm]

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Matthew Good Band - Sort of a Protest Song]

I have a huge rant coming on concerning The newsweek article about the lady who doesn't like piercings and people's reaction to it both here and on livejournal. I'll write it up in a bit- If I still feel like it later. My laptop is in the bag and I don't like writing long things at this pc because it is uncomfortable.<

Awww, fuck it... When I have something to say, I have something to say:

Anyone who gets modded and then gets bent out of shape because someone doesn't like it probably should never have gotten modded in the first place.

  1. Body piercing, tattoos, etc are not currently widely acceptable things to do in most of modern western culture. Now I am not saying that its wrong because clearly I don't think that. Still, body mods are a choice, just as what people wear for the most part is a choice. People should not be rude to you, people should treat you with respect and you should not expect lesser service but people don't have to like you or accept you. If you are not prepared to deal with how you will get treated with mods, then maybe you should think twice before getting them.

  2. Your mods should be because they are important to YOU. You should not have gotten them to fit into some sort of "scene" or some sort of "community". If you are doing it to "fit in" somewhere or to prove a point, once again you should not have mods. Sure, I am a part of BME but just because I am doesn't mean that because you have a tattoo or a ring in your face, I identify with you, want to help you out, or even like you. Assholes come in all forms, modded and not. I appreciate the art that goes into tattooing and the self expression that goes into piercing but do not mistake that for me being a part of some "team". Fuck that shit. I'm on my own. You are on your own. Be nice, I'll support you. Be a dick, I don't care how many tattoos you have, you can go to hell.

  3. People don't have to hire you (at least in most states in the US) even if you are the bees knees but you have piercings/tattoos. Is this fair? No. But just as you have a choice to do what you want with your body, people have a choice to have people of a certain appearance working for them. And no, this has nothing to do with "well what about people who are black and people who don't want to hire black people." Last time I checked, no one has a choice what race they are, but they sure as hell have a choice whether or not to put holes in their body or tattoo themselves. Once again, no matter what people want to try to say, tattoos and piercings ARE adornments. They are "extras". If the workplace choses to enforce a dress code of some sort, they have every right to. You have every right to find somewhere else to work. There WILL be somewhere that will take a chance and in turn when you get in a position where YOU can take a chance on someone else, then you do that. By this domino effect, eventually society at large will see that the rings and things have no bearing on ability which brings me to point 3

  4. Calling up people like old ignorant biddies who write opinion pieces to harass them about how you don't agree with them and you don't like what they say is not only a waste of time an effort but is also just plain wrong. Most of us live in free or at least quasi free societies and we are entitled to freedom of speech. If you want freedom to gage your ears to the point that you can stick cannonballs in them, then old ladies have a right to write about how they don't like it. Now if you want to send a letter to her or her editor, go right ahead but publishing their cell phone and then telling other people to call and say what they think is really harassment and only feeds into the stereotype that modded people are a bunch of ignorant, anti-social, dangerous, morons. Personally with the way politics is crap in the world at the moment, I think your time would be better off spent writing your political representatives, getting involved yourself, or expanding your education. Not calling people up on their mobile. Which takes us to:

  5. The best revenge is to live well and to beat the odds and what the pundits may say about you. You are a stupid, dirty, tattooed, person. Well guess what- go to school. Get educated. Be the best you that you can be. Education really is the key. Then apply your new education and talents to getting yourself in somewhere good, living the good-life and helping others who are perhaps looking for that "break". That is a constructive use of time.

  6. Life isn't fair. Only you as an individual can choose to be fair. Deal with it.

  7. </ul>

    So there you have it. There is my two cents. You can hate me all you want for it. I couldn't care less. I just think people should have a little more class and in this exchange it is very clear that neither side has any. I don't think what that lady said in the article was cool by a long shot. I also don't think its cool to post her number on the internet.
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